NEW BOOK: Ripley Robinson and the Worm Charmer

220 pages 6 x 9 hardcover

In this fast-paced, unpredictable story, a talented wrestler gives his all to win a worm charming competition.

Ripley’s introduction to his new middle school is with his head held down in a toilet bowl by Dirk, the varsity football star. During his escape, Ripley inadvertently breaks Dirk’s nose and Dirk dedicates his life to retaliation. The only bright spot in Ripley’s life is his wrestling ability…well, that and a cute and kooky girl named Getty. But Getty is obsessed with winning a worm charming contest.

Getty summons Ripley’s help in the town’s celebrated worm charming event because if they win the prize money, Getty and her mother will be able to stay in Hidden Mountain. Problem is, Dirk feels he is due the prize money. And he’ll do ANYTHING to get his hands on it, including blackmailing Ripley if he doesn’t sneak him some of the captured worms. Ripley must decide whether to stay loyal to his team or save his own skin. With all the challenges of physical intimidation, wrestling, worm charming and first love, Ripley must employ every mental and physical gift he has to stay on top.

Worm charming is an actual contest where contestants beat on the ground to see how many worms come up. My challenge was to wrap a plot so tight around this strange contest that the number of worms coming to the surface becomes the most important thing in the world.

Book Three
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Book Three:  The Heart of the Swarm

243 page 6 x 9 hardcover

The Cataclysmic final book in the Blackwater Pond series

Brian, Tommy and Dave chase a brokenhearted Cassie back into Aphelion Chiasm. They find that Nimbus, the bloodsucking red cloud, has all but taken over the kingdom. A gladiator-style contest takes all the wit, strength and experience they have as Brian draws on the remnant of the beast that still lives inside him.

Old combatants must become new allies in order to survive deadly encounters with the forces of evil. However, Ebil has a plan….

The Heart of the Swarm brings a new level of strategy, tension, and unexpected twists to the epic battle between good and evil. The future of two worlds depends on the outcome.

Book Two:  Through the Eyes of the Beast

240 page 6 x 9 hardcover

Good and evil match wits in a deadly game of strategy.

Brian’s celebration over the red cloud’s defeat ends when a cry for help, borne on the wind, draws him back into the depths of Blackwater Pond. Only this time, he’s in his ghostly form—his aura. “I can touch but cannot be touched” becomes his motto, as he emerges into the other world.

But what awaits him surpasses his wildest nightmares. Life-or-death battles threaten to trap Brian forever in this weird world of hungry red clouds, grotesque beasts, and unlikely allies.

Through the Eyes of the Beast, the second book in the Blackwater Pond series, ratchets up the action and demands more from Brian and his family and friends. They must learn to adapt quickly and grow stronger—or they will not survive.

Book One: Beneath and Beyond

156 page 6 x 9 hardcover

Mystery Beneath the Water…

Deep beneath the murky waters of Blackwater Pond lies an age-old mystery. When twelve-year-old Tommy swims to the bottom and never resurfaces, everyone in the small farming town believes he has drowned. Everyone, that is, except his older brother, Brian. Days after the disappearance, urged on by a haunting voice, he desperately plunges himself into the dark waters. Despite overwhelming odds, Brian has chosen to enter into a dangerous other-world in an effort to save his brother.

Beneath and Beyond is a fast-paced, modern day tale of fantasy, mystery and adventure. It champions the cause of Good versus the darkness of Evil in this very unique and compelling story.

Beneath and Beyond Book Trailer